About Playgroup Los Angeles

Playgroup Los Angeles offers an outdoor classroom for babies, toddlers and children in a home setting on N. Beachwood Drive (under Hollywood sign) in Los Angeles, CA.

Programs are inspired by the collective works of progressive and whole-child early childhood philosophies, and are rooted in well-rounded, and largely open-ended, developmental play and emergent learning.

Playgroup Los Angeles classes are sensorial, and offer little ones the constant opportunity to practice and develop fine and gross motor abilities.  Groups are mixed-age and siblings are welcome. Parents create a nurturing community environment as we keep the children safe while giving the children free reign to play and learn and facing joys and challenges of growth and relationships.

Most groups offer direct contact with nature, “messy” child-led options, rhythm, music, art and sensory integration.

Social and self awareness emerges and an emotional vocabulary develops as children engage with one another and discover more about themselves in a respectful environment in which everyone is silently celebrated for who they are, while gently encouraged to grow towards interdependence and self-regulation.

Session fees vary and are non-refundable. Financial aid is available to families of need.

Drop-in classes become available if there is space once a core group has been established. It is highly beneficial to sign up for a full session so children can adapt and gain from the rhythm of the class, become confident in the physical and social environment, and grow by practicing and challenging themselves.


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