Betsy’s classes are one of a kind! We started to going to Sing Together! when my son was 4 months old and have continued ever since, also participating in Baby Animals and Me! Both classes are so much fun! We have met many new friends while learning and growing together. Other classes we have tried around the city feel frantic and rushed. Betsy’s classes are soothing for both parents and children, with time to explore and ask questions. The garden at Betsy’s house is truly a sanctuary.

Lauren, Mom of R. (15 months), Hollywood


I have loved bringing the boys to your Playgroup. It’s great to see them in such a relaxed environment to learn (and sweep!).

Samantha, Mom of M. and J. (>2 years), Cheshire, UK


What a great class as always this morning! I know the kids always have the best time at ‘Betsy’s house’ (E. asks every morning if we are going!) but I also find myself calmer and more focused after spending time in your garden! I am saying it all the time, if anybody needs a great address, this is our favorite class ever!

Frederique, Mom of E. (4) and E. (2), Sherman Oaks


In a quaint little magical garden in Beachwood Canyon lies a very special class that B. and I attend twice a week. We chose Miss Betsy’s class because it fits our parenting philosophy. It’s such an organic class that places an emphasis on the creativity of the child and allows for free space to build the child’s imagination, curiosity and individual self. For those of you who don’t live in LA I recommend taking Betsy’s lead and encouraging a lot of free play with your children. Intervene and direct less and just sit and observe more. It’s a delight to see them create their own environments without you leading them or giving them suggestions of what to do. Its one of my favorite life experiences, purely sitting in observance of B. and his ways, I grow a deeper understanding of his little being and its also just the sweetest and most heart warming thing watching them play uninhibited and uninterrupted.

Visit: for the full article about Playgroup LA as well as a one-on-one personal interview here:

Teresa, Mom of B. (2.5 years), Hollywood


I highly recommend Playgroup Los Angeles, Waldorf-inspired parent and child classes in the Beachwood area. My one year-old and I just completed our first class, and we both learned so much from Betsy. We plan to go back!

Allison, Mom of H (1.5 years), West Hollywood


We love the playgroup !

It’s welcoming and feels very communal. I love the structure of starting and ending with songs. Betsy is a mindful teacher/host, she is very present with the children and the parents and offers her skills in a loving way.

Renee, Mom of A (7 years) and I (2 years), Hollywood Hills


I would totally pay Betsy just to hang out and answer questions while E. crawled around with other babies. I might even look forward to it more than him. Where else can you go that’s mellow and relaxing and outside in the shade and feel supported and get information? Oh and sing! I leave feeling like a better parent every week. Seriously.

Clementine, Mom of E. 1 year, Glassell Park


I have taken three consecutive sessions of Betsy’s Playgroup. In my heart, she, her family and her home has become an extension of my own family! We look forward to our weekly meeting every day until it class has arrived. My daughter speaks about the class with such enthusiasm and joyfully sings the songs learned from class daily. I know she is taking home much more from playgroup than an art project or seedling planted! We took both Craft with Me and Garden With Me. The atmosphere at Betsy’s is as nurturing for the adults as it is for the children.  Not only has my daughter been enriched from these classes, I have been as well. I feel incredible support from Betsy – Mother to Mother. And I know she thinks about us and our children off the clock. If she sees us struggling or the child in anyway (child frustration, not wanting to get dirty, issues with sharing, whatever you can think of) she takes time to think about how what might possibly be implemented to help get through to that child WITH OUT crossing any boundaries. I am very grateful to have this hour each week and so is my daughter – often times even longer as Betsy never rushes us to leave her space. I cannot say enough great things about her as a Mother, human being, educator and about the positive, nurturing experience she provides for all of us as a whole. The classes move at the child’s pace, the activities are age appropriate and the environment is a very safe one (excellent being outdoors). Now join!

Steph, Mom of sassy O (2.5 years) Laurel Canyon


I’ve just signed up for another Autumn and Me! class with my sweet friend Betsy. E. has taken classes with her since she was 3 months old and this is the third year we’ve taken her autumn and me class. last year was so fun, we made mobiles out of leaves, painted pumpkins (which she still remembers and talks about), and made little acorn people amongst other sensory activities and stories. 

Read more about Betsy and Playgroup LA on Elizabeth’s site: The Littlest Blog

Elizabeth, Mom of E. (6 years) and F. (3)

I’ve taken 2 classes with Betsy and have really enjoyed them both! My son was about a year for the first class (mud and me) and 14 months for the second class (bake bread with me). We met some great moms, it’s a nice contained space for the kids and the best part is you can let your children explore through sensory play and leave the mess at Betsy’s! I love the activities she chooses but just don’t want all that mess around our house. It’s nice he gets to explore and play in a safe environment and then I get to take him home and not bring the mess with me. Betsy is very sweet and knowledgeable about development. Even though the classes are all ages, it’s nice to be able to talk with moms with older babies to see what’s coming and help moms with younger babies with any struggles they may be having. We are actually signing up for our third class now (baby animals and me) so maybe we’ll see some of you there!

Megan V., Mom of L (17 months), Hancock Park

Taking Betsy’s Baby Animals and Me class was such a transformative experience for my daughter.  She was able to connect with the animals (particularly the baby wolf!), which truly helped her to develop confidence and empathy.  And Betsy is a magical teacher, endlessly inquisitive, patient and kind.

Teri, Mom of L (4y), Eagle Rock


What strikes me most about Betsy’s classes is not how sweet, and creative, and deeply soulful they are — and they are all of these things and more. What strikes me most about Betsy’s classes is how kind, wise, and warm Betsy is. Baby animals, baking bread, singing songs are just the start: watching Betsy interact with children is a lesson in itself — in patience, gentleness, and delight.

Sari, Mom of J (3 years) and T (7 months), Silverlake

R. speaks about her baking at “Bessie” all the time.  It has inspired her to “help” me any time I cook.  To be able to bake with R. and watch her experience doing so in a group has been truly rewarding!!  Love the class and wish it could go on forever!

Sydney, Mom of R (18 mos), Silverlake

My daughter and I have been attending classes with Betsy since last year.  She offers classes unlike any other in the Los Angeles area.  Through messy play, baking bread, and developmental music classes, I feel as though my daughter has had such rich, diverse experiences in such a short time.  Basically, Betsy does all the research (spanning neuroscience to feeding the soul) on what babies and toddlers need and all I have to do is attend one of her highly creative and magical classes.  Best of all, my daughter and I share wonderful, bonding experiences that will nurture her growth and development.  We look forward to participating in more of Betsy’s classes for years to come.

Ana, mom of J (18mos), Pasadena

I first heard about Betsy’s children’s classes through some Moms from the Moms club of Hollywood. They kept talking about how great these wonderful classes were being offered from a woman’s house in the Hollywood Hills. I finally got my act together to go check it out and have been going ever since. Betsy graciously opens up her home and creates  one of a kind Mommy and Me experience. My son and I started taking her classes when he was 2 years old, now 3 years. Many other Mommy and Me classes I found to be too much of a sensory over load for him. I love that her classes are in a home setting and are Waldorf based. She really hones in on each child’s needs and personality and with her gentle and intuitive way is able to assist and manage each child within the group. I highly recommend Betsy’s one of a kind classes!!


Suzette, Mom of I (3y), Hollywood

Betsy’s wonderful Playgroup Los Angeles was a great experience for my son S. and me.  Not only did we get to bond together while doing fun activities, I really enjoyed meeting the other parents as well. Betsy’s play ideas are so original–ranging from creating a “car wash” to wash your kid’s push car, to petting wolves and owls! The baby animals class really shaped my son’s affection toward smaller animals and babies in general–I honestly feel his sweet affection for his baby brother was helped by her class!

Melissa, Mom of S. (2 years) and H. (2 months), Hollywood

We’ve now taken two sessions with Betsy and have loved our time sitting under the gnarled tree in her yard.  It was wonderful to meet the critters from Baby Animals class that we’d be unlikely to see elsewhere on the streets of Los Angeles and a super opportunity for learning. My daughter loves Betsy and still sings the special songs she learned during class.

Rachel, Mom of C. (3 years), Silverlake


I have taken both my kids to Betsy’s classes. She creates such a warm and inviting environment. I love the combination of activities from songs and books to art projects and play time.  We just finished the gardening class and loved it! Betsy is very in tune with the children and helps them to share and cooperate in a lovely gentle way. I would highly recommend any of Betsy’s classes!

Jennifer, Mom of M. (5 years) and B. (2 years), Glendale

We have been “going to Betsy’s House” since last fall when DD was two years and a couple months and DS was about 5 months old. We began with the ‘Bake with me’ class. My daughter loved it, I loved being there with Betsy and the other mums, and I loved the fact that I could bring my baby to class with us and that the class was of all ages. All the children would gather around the cute little table, roll up their sleeves and take part in every step of the process. Then as the wonderfully delicious breads and pastries would bake, we would sit together for a story and songs as the warm aroma filled the little house. There’s something magical about making, baking, creating alongside your little ones.

Throughout the class Betsy guides us and gracefully answers questions. We read so much and meet so many ‘experts’ and chat to other mums but its one thing to a read a book about it another another to know and remember what to do when the occasion arises. Betsey is always aware of everything that goes on and is ready to offer her invaluable guidance every step of the way. We learned to slow down and take a step back and let our children be who they are. We learned how to share, the real way to share. We learned how to deal with conflict! We learned that its not the product, be it a challah loaf made by tiny hands, a birds nest mobile, a keepsake box… what ever it may be, its not the product but the process!

Betsy is a mother of two herself and is abundant with opinions, beliefs, experiences and ideas she feels strongly about but she will never try to get you to do it her way or tell you that you are doing it wrong with regards to parenting. We are all so eager to hear what she has to say, we respect the advice she offers and we naturally try to follow her guidance. I have learned so much from Betsy. Ive read  about most of it already but i only learned it by being in her class, with both of my children present, with the other famillies present and with Betsy’s guidance. My DD has learned so much and has blossomed through Betsy’s playgroup.

We signed up for Bake Bread with Me, Craft with Me, Singing For Small Ears, Garden with Me and Waterplay. All of these classes other than baking, took place outdoors in the cute little garden of Betsy’s little house in the hills. With the Hollywood sign as the backdrop, the green grass beneath our feet and the giant age old trees for shade this little garden became our garden haven. Not just to us but all the other families too. We cant wait to get back to each class. We’ve all become like a family. We now have our music class family on Wednesdays and our “Gardening Club” family on Fridays. We’ve all become such good friends. Its so refreshing to be amongst like-minded parents.

DD and DS feel so free and comfortable playing in the garden with other kids and going on little adventures to see what they can find. Oh and the songs you’ll learn, you’ll be singing them 24/7, you and your kids! DD has learned every single song, Marie In The Garden, Mommy Loves You and Good Morning, we sing these at every class. Betsy brings so much to her class and we love it ALL!

Fiona, Mom of R (3 years) and D (1 1/2 years), West Hollywood



2 thoughts on “Buzz

  1. Sari

    My 2.5 year old loved the Waterplay class this summer! The way that Miss Betsy allows for discovery is really a wonderful method. It’s so great to be in an environment where the play is not directed for the kids, but that they can really take their time with each thing and even problem solve (i.e. filling up the pool with the hose, watching the water spill over the side, etc.). We loved the “magic water beads” and now play with them at home, too. Playgroup Los Angeles is a special pocket of child-centered exploration and discovery with well thought out projects and play ideas to get them started. We are so happy to have discovered it!

  2. marya

    i started taking my baby to betsys sing-a-long class when he was 8 months old. the songs are really fun and creative. plus betsy has a voice the babies love! it reminds be of how all the birds perk up to listen to snow white. aww! its a very easy-going playgroup and betsy is so caring & knowledgable. i highly recommend her classes.
    marya (beachwood canyon, W. – 13 months).


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